Distributors and Consolidators of American (DACA), is a North American network of asset based companies providing conslidation, distribution, warehousing, transportation and 3PL solutions.

Name Region State/Province Phone View
A. Duie Pyle, Inc. Mid-Atlantic PA 800-523-5020         
Automated Logistics Systems, LLC North Central MI 517-782-7500         
Cleveland Delivery & Distribution North Central OH 216-641-7793         
Davis Cartage Co. North Central MI 1-800-521-0001         
FLO Trans North Central IL 708-929-4431         
Fowler's Express New England MA 800-633-6103         
Frontline Freight, Inc. Pacific CA 800-243-5422         
Honolulu Freight Service Pacific CA 800-777-4963         
ITF Group North Central MO 877.477.9677 | 334.4         
King Solutions, Inc. North Central MN 800-728-8632         
Lynden Transport, Inc. Alaska WA 800-426-5702         
Maple Logistics Solutions Mid-Atlantic PA 717-764-4596         
Moran Transportation Corporation North Central IL 847-439-0000         
NOTS Logistics Warehouse & Distribution North Central IL 800-642-5436         
Polaris Transportation Group Canada ON 1-800-409-2269         
Speed Global Services New England NY 716-876-2235         

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Founded in 1971, the DACA organization is here to serve you, the customer, with the utmost integrity, honesty and quality. Choose DACA for all your transportation, logistics and warehousing needs!

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