Ira P. Jones
Ira P. Jones

DACA was formed on November 17, 1971. A dozen transportation executives from around the country, interested in distribution and consolidation, sat down in a Dallas hotel and formulated the guidelines for an organization that eventually came to be known as Distributors and Consolidators of America. Ira P. Jones, a long-time Texas trucking executive of Southwest Freight Distributors in Dallas, TX, was the guiding force in DACA’s infancy. He envisioned a bright future for the consolidation and distribution of a variety of goods, primarily for the retail trade.

Today, one can clearly see why DACA and its members have become well-known and highly trusted resources in an ever evolving and highly fragmented industry. For customers who are looking for more than an off-the-shelf solution, DACA members provide custom tailored solutions and experience across a wide array of services.

For 50 years, DACA has aided members in becoming the most effective service providers in their respective markets. Many DACA members have been in business for more than 50 years, with some surpassing 100 years, and each is a testament to the value of membership within DACA.

The DACA organization is here to serve you, the customer, with the utmost integrity, honesty and quality. Choose DACA for all your transportation, logistics and warehousing needs!

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